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Why protection is the new skin-care buzz word

Skin experts always used to say that there were only two golden rules to great-looking skin – daily cleansing and protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. That’s still true – but now we know that too much cleansing can be as bad as none and that the environment is more dangerous than we thought.

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Why Skin Loves Rooibos

What is it about Rooibos that South Africans love? Is it because it’s so mild and soothing that even babies can enjoy it as it eases away their tummy cramps, or because more and more it’s being hailed around the world for its health-giving benefits?

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Is the air Ageing you?

With urban air pollution on the rise, beauty industry experts are scrambling to launch anti-pollution products to fight the ageing effects of the air around us.

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