• Cacao Seed Butter

    Scientific Name: Theobroma Cacao

    Rich in essential fatty acids, Cacao seed butter is the natural fat extracted from seed during the process of making chocolate. By forming a barrier on the skins surface, it protects from harmful external stimula and slows the loss of moisture from the skin.

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Active Ingredients:Cacao Seed Butter
Ultra-Moisturising Shea Butter [R72.99]

The protective and calming power of anti-oxidant-rich Rooibos extract joins Shea Butter, one of nature’s most potent moisturisers with natural occurring fatty acids, vitamins A, E and F, to restore moisture and youthful radiance to dry, damaged skin. Use for capped skin on heels, knees and elbows, and on areas affected by blemishes.

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