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A new level of protection and care for your skin

When it comes to protecting South African skins, the antioxidant power of Rooibos extract has a proven ability to counter damaging free radicals caused by the sun and exposure to chemicals in the air. As time goes on, your skin’s ability to repair, heal and renew slows down. This can lead to uneven pigmentation, a dull look, rough surface and eventually wrinkles.

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Busting breakout myths

With so much conflicting skin-care advice, products and even home remedies out there, how can you tell what’s true? These mythbusters will help clear your head – and your skin the right way

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Get the right vitamins for healthy skin

Vitamins are essential to your health and body functions, so not surprising they are staples in skin-care products that help feed the largest organ in your body. Eating healthy foods and taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement should give your enough, but used on the skin they also have a role to play. Everything from protecting […]

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Sea Fennel is making waves in skin care

A key ingredient in our silky Advantage Eye Cream, Sea Fennel (Chrithmum Maritimum) is being featured in beauty magazines as one of the super-star natural plant extracts appearing in skin-care ingredient lists. The bluish green plant – also known as rock samphire – grows in sea sand and packed with radiance-boosting marine minerals. According to […]

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Why you should play with clay today

Are you looking for a natural ingredient that can serve multiple skin-care purposes? Kaolin clay could be your one-stop solution. This all-natural ingredient, filled with essential minerals, can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator and even a mask. That’s why it’s the main ingredient in our popular Purifying 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask. Kaolin clay […]

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Turn to Rooibos to boost your immunity

Stay healthy as winter tightens its grip. A recent survey reveals that when the sniffles arrive, South Africans do three things — load up on Vitamin C, rest more and sip on a hot cup of Rooibos tea.  Rooibos is known for its powerful antioxidant, immune-boosting and antiviral effects – and it’s delicious too. Spicy […]

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Incredible results from our natural Tissue Oil

Our Rooibos Tissue Oil is clinically proven for visible results in six weeks. It’s quite a claim but independent research by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology has shown this. Perhaps it’s the fact that Rooibos is so full of antioxidants, along with those in Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. Or […]

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Reaping the beauty benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile, a member of the Daisy family, is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs. As a tea it’s well-known for its soothing properties that help calm anxiety and give you a peaceful night’s sleep. The dried leaves also have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve cramps, and a good helping of antioxidants. What’s not […]

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Face masks – 7 ways to keep your skin happy

Wearing a mask every day helps keep us safe – but it also makes skin more sensitive and more likely to develop problems. Keep your skin clear and happy during this mask-wearing season, with these skin-care tips 1. Choose your fabric It’s important to consider the kind of material you are wearing on your face. […]

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Enjoy the summer but remember your SPF

Our Bio-Active Rooibos extract with antioxidants helps boost your skin’s natural defences against environmental stress, including from chemical pollution and UV radiation. Now the sun is strengthening, remember to sue a sun protection product if your going to be outside for an length of time. Most of our daily moisturisers have SPF sunscreens too! Everyone […]

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Refreshing Rooibos Ice Lollies

We are extending the celebration of Rooibos Day to every day of the year! Join us and cool off this summer with these refreshing homemade Rooibos ice-lollies☀️🌿 Recipe: ✨ One litre of Rooibos tea, using four to six teabags ✨ Sweeten the tea with honey to taste and leave it in the fridge to cool […]

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Get to know Nicqie

Meet Nicqie Robinson, Identity Stylist from Kimberley, winner of SARIE’s 2020 Voorbladgesig. Nicqie is a real go-getter and with her quirky personality she is incredibly friendly to everyone she meets.  We had the pleasure of asking her some questions about being SARIE’s 12th cover winner, her skin-care routine and how she strives to be the best […]

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Choose animal-friendly skin care

African Extracts is one of the most widely available and affordable brands in South Africa endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. This means that our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals. Many multi-national brands, including some of the biggest names based in Europe or the United States, face questions from consumers. Although testing […]

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Choose a more natural alternative

Your skin and hair love oil to help prevent moisture loss and restore suppleness and shine. But, starting with baby oil and moving on to big-brand body oils, many companies use synthetic mineral oil as their primary ingredient. Why not choose a plant-based, natural alternative? Our tissue oil has loads of organic Rooibos extract and […]

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Visible results in six weeks

If there’s one beauty product you must have, it’s African Extracts Tissue Oil. This blend of Sweet Almond and Grape Seed oils contains extracts of organic Rooibos, soy bean, rosemary and geranium, plus Vitamin E. It’s a versatile, lightweight oil helps to protect, moisturise and restore skin, nails and hair. Independent laboratory testing shows it’s […]

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Three simple steps to purified skin

Keeping breakouts at bay and oil under control just got a little bit simpler with our African Extracts Rooibos Purifying Range. Here are a few simple steps designed to give your skin the much-deserved care it needs. Choose a gentle face wash  Face wash needs to be as gentle as it is effective. Your skin […]

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Bio-Active Rooibos...

Nature's protection against
environmental stress

Our products are inspired by the unique antioxidant power of the Rooibos plant that grows naturally only in one place on earth - the rugged Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape.

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