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Self-care in a time of COVID

When the only time you have to yourself is your five-minute beauty routine in the morning and evening, and your anxiety levels are through the roof, it’s time to remember that you can’t look after others until you can properly look after yourself.

For beauty brands, there’s always been a recognition that self-care is important for our sense of self-worth and happiness. That’s why at African Extracts we love the wise words of life coach Judy Klipin, author of an amazing book, Recover from Burnout – Life Lessons to Regain your Passion and Purpose.

We asked her how what we’re feeling now differs from burnout and what we can do to reduce the terrible feelings of being overwhelmed that so many of us are feeling:

What’s the difference between Covid fatigue and classic burnout?

We get burnout when we push ourselves (over and over) to do things that are wrong for us. We take on too much rest too little and pretend to be okay when we are anything but. Burnout is a consequence of not wanting of not having strong boundaries, of wanting to please others at our own expense, of pushing ourselves to the brink in our quest to be noticed, appreciated and valued.

Covid fatigue is a response to the ongoing anxiety, stress and overwhelm that is precipitated by the pandemic. It’s not something that we have had any part in contracting – it is a consequence of a situation that has been imposed on us and that we have limited choice and control over.

But it feels very similar.

How do we spot the signs of Covid fatigue?

Our emotions have become amplified and erratic. What used to irritate, now enrages, what used to be a slight worry now turns into panic. Our concentration is impacted. We crave sugar, carbs and caffeine. We are withdrawing from relationships. We are sleeping less (or more) and what sleep we get is not refreshing. We feel tired all the time and minor physical or mental exertion is exhausting. The anguish and suffering we see all around us is overwhelming.

Our ability to enjoy and feel satisfied with our lives, in all areas, is compromised by both of these conditions. What used to feel meaningful and exciting begins to feel pointless and boring.

With Covid fatigue, we are questioning everything we have ever known or expected from the world and ourselves. It’s stressful, frightening, exhausting and overwhelming. And, like with burnout, if we don’t respond quickly it can lead to more serious physical and emotional conditions, such as diabetes, depression or divorce.

What positive action can we take?

Fortunately, what we’ve leant from dealing with burnout, applies equally to coping with Covid fatigue.  These are very important:

  • Ask for help whenever and wherever you can
  • Push yourself less and rest more
  • Be kind to yourself

Wherever and whenever possible, we need to show ourselves and everyone around us compassion and care. We need to lower our expectations and allow ourselves to celebrate just surviving.

Get more advice and assistance

Judy’s book, Recover from Burnout, provides easy, practical and effective tools and tips to get your health and wellness back on track. You can also consider signing up for her Covid Fatigue Support Coaching. Visit www.judyklipin.com


Step 1 of 3: Cleanse

Step 1 of 3: Cleanse

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Step 2 of 3: Tone

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Step 3 of 3: Moisturise

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