Hydrating Cleansing Wipes


For dry, dehydrated and ageing skin

25 wipes

At last! A cleansing wipe that removes all traces of makeup and impurities while adding moisture and comfort. With Bio-Active Rooibos, rich in antioxidants to help strengthen and protect your skin, moisturising Jojoba and Wheatgerm extract, leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

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2 reviews for Hydrating Cleansing Wipes

  1. Andrea Visser – 20 Apr 2021:

    After doing a full face of heavy make-up, I used the Facial Wipes to take it off. One make-up wipe was enough to remove everything, leaving my face looking incredibly fresh, clean and healthy! I could not believe how well it worked. I am so incredibly impressed!

  2. elizabeth – 5 Nov 2020:

    Great product, ..you have addressed the 2 biggest issues with face wipes in general.
    They messy opening that never wants to stay stuck down, and the fact that this often allows the wipes to dry out long before they are finished. Your wipes have the firmly closing solid lid… neat, tidy, keeps the moisture in. The Hydrating range lives up to its name…. they feel moist and comforting and much to my surprise they DO take off waterproof mascara . (It helps to turn the packet upside down every now and again, otherwise the moistness tends to pool in the lower wipes ) Keep it up… don’t ever skimp on the moisture, (in fact you can up the moistness .. I would pay an extra rand or two for it.) and don’t lose the lid. 🙂

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