Misting Toner


Size: 150ml

Experience a mist of flower power and other plant extracts to help balance, refresh and hydrate your skin. Use after cleansing, to set your makeup, or anytime skin feels dry and tight. This refreshing skin tonic with real skin-care benefits has organic Bio-Active Rooibos extract, Aloe Vera to soothe and calm, Witch-hazel to purify and tighten pores, Chamomile extract to help fade dark spots and aid cell renewal, and Everlasting and Daisy flowers to help revive radiance and counter the ageing effects of pollutants.


Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos extract (Aspalathus Linearis)
Witch-hazel extract to tone and Aloe Vera to calm skin
Chamomile, Everlasting and Daisy flower extracts

Directions for use

This versatile spray can be used in three ways:
Mist on face and neck area twice daily after cleansing, or anytime your skin needs refreshing
Use as a finishing spritz to set your makeup
Combine with a few drops of Daily Repair Facial Oil on a cotton pad to remove makeup effortlessly

  • Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Misting Toner

  1. Sameera – 8 Apr 2024:

    If you require a toner that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and feeling cool,then this is “The One.” A huge plus is that it can be used as a setting spray to keep your makeup looking radiant and fresh all day. I simply love it. As a woman in her forties who has sensitive skin and mild eczema, I recommend this as it will certainly moisturize your skin. It’s gentle and has never irritated my skin at all. Thank you @ African extracts. Much love.

  2. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    This toner will leave your skin so smooth ladies go try it out

  3. Kajal – 17 Aug 2021:

    The misting toner with soothing witch hazel and camomile is a great option for setting makeup and keeps your skin hydrated and protected from environmental stresses

  4. Sandy Maharaj – 18 Jul 2021:

    I ha e dry skin my son bought me the Toner. It’s the best product for my skin now I cant do without it.

  5. Catherine – 16 Mar 2021:

    Absolutely love this product. Love the way it feels when you spray it on.

  6. Martie – 16 Mar 2021:

    Lets my face feel wonderful.

  7. Jezebel – 16 Mar 2021:

    I really enjoyed using the toner after washing with the Creamy Cleanser. It removed all excess oil from my face.

  8. Willene – 16 Mar 2021:

    This toner didn’t dry out my skin like other toners do.

  9. Marilyn – 16 Mar 2021:

    Absolutely love this product!

  10. Maria – 16 Mar 2021:

    Works perfectly and removes all the dirt.

  11. Sonya – 16 Mar 2021:

    Quick drying and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight.

  12. Motlalepule – 16 Mar 2021:

    I love the Misting Toner. I haven’t enjoyed toner before but this is my favourite.

  13. Katey – 16 Mar 2021:

    Spritzer toner works much better than a dab-on with cotton wool. Very soothing and hydrating!

  14. Jasmin – 16 Mar 2021:

    I used the toner as a setting spray and it worked so well.

  15. Angela – 16 Mar 2021:

    Love that I can either spray on or use on cotton wool or just mist over my face.

  16. Janine – 16 Mar 2021:

    I really enjoyed using this product. Much better than any ordinary toner.

  17. Lisha – 16 Mar 2021:

    Removed excess dirt and oils.

  18. Roxann K. – 3 Feb 2021:

    Amazing. I love this mist!!! My skin feels so soft and fresh.

  19. Roxann Koch – 19 Jan 2021:

    I love this mist!!! My skin feels so soft and fresh.

  20. Jessica H. – 19 Oct 2020:

    This product is so gentle not harsh like other toners. And the spray bottle it comes in is fantastic as it makes it so easy to apply and great for a little top up through the day to give that extra boost of hydration. Will definitely re purchase!!

  21. Annemieke D. – 19 Oct 2020:

    A beautiful, fine mist that instantly refreshes and hydrates. We have had some hot weather during the time I tested this product and it has been amazing for that. I love spraying this in the morning to wake up my skin and throughout the day to refresh and calm down any redness. A gorgeous product and perfect if you prefer a mist toner rather than a regular one that needs to be patted onto the skin. It is part of the Advantage range which is aimed at dry/more mature skin however I find that it is not limited to that and can be used on other types of skin as well.

  22. Hannah – 19 Oct 2020:

    I love this toner, it is a great base for my moisturiser. I always use it when I apply more makeup than usual and it stops my skin from drying out.

  23. Kim L. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I absolutely love this Misting Toner. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft.

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