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Treatment Oils

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Treatment Oils

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Why men need specific skin-care products

If the men in your life have been happily using your African Extracts products you may wonder why they need their own. You may think that, apart from facial hair, men’s and women’s skin is the same, but there are some real differences. Men have thicker skin. No really! Their skin is about 20% thicker, […]

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Prevent photo-ageing for younger-looking skin

Did you know that sunlight is the major cause of skin ageing and dark marks? That’s why, with our strong African sun, if you care about how your skin looks, you should be using a moisturiser with an SPF every day. Exposure to UVA and UVB light (and, experts say, blue light from screens) causes […]

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5 reasons to choose our Rooibos skin care

Make the right choice for beautiful skin The way we approach skin care says a lot about our personalities. Some women prefer to flit from brand to brand always trying something new in the hope of a miracle. Others find a brand and range they like, and stick with it for years. At African Extracts […]

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Bio-Active Rooibos...

Nature's protection against
environmental stress

Our products are inspired by the unique antioxidant power of the Rooibos plant that grows naturally only in one place on earth - the rugged Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape.

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