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Treatment Oils

Try our 100% naturally derived oils for face, hair and body – a top-to-toe beauty solution

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Treatment Oils

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5 reasons to choose our Rooibos skin care

Make the right choice for beautiful skin The way we approach skin care says a lot about our personalities. Some women prefer to flit from brand to brand always trying something new in the hope of a miracle. Others find a brand and range they like, and stick with it for years. At African Extracts […]

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What is Salicylic acid?

Nature’s remedy for clear skin It’s sounds so science-y, but this awesome spot-buster is actually found in plants. Salicylic Acid has been known about and used for thousands of years, sourced first from the bark of willow trees. Did you know it’s also an important part of aspirin? How does it work? We use Salicylic […]

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Dual-purpose skin care giving you more for your money

We love amazing skin-care products can serve more than one purpose. Don’t you? African Extracts Rooibos is local, developed specially for skins like ours and our climate and lifestyles.  And we know how tough times are – so being affordable and versatile is important too. Here are some stunning summer products that do double or […]

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Bio-Active Rooibos...

Nature's protection against
environmental stress

Our products are inspired by the unique antioxidant power of the Rooibos plant that grows naturally only in one place on earth - the rugged Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape.

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