Deep Cleansing Face Wash



This clear gel cleanser with Bio-Active Rooibos extract rinses away all traces of dirt, makeup residue and environmental particles that can irritate your skin. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Winner of 2020 Woman & Home Award for Best Gel Cleanser 

Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos with antioxidants
Vitamin B5 (panthenol) to condition skin

Directions for use

Use in the morning and evening to cleanse skin before applying toner and a day or night cream.

  • Reviews (37)

37 reviews for Deep Cleansing Face Wash

  1. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    The face wash makes the skin so smooth try it out people

  2. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    Best face wash ever ladies i recommend this to you all try it

  3. Soneni – 18 Feb 2023:

    Great product i love it it makes my skin soft, smooth and clean i recomend it always

  4. Manfred – 23 Jan 2022:

    This product has been great for my skin not too harsh for my combination skin either overall great experience

  5. Sandra – 22 Jan 2022:

    It smells great and a little goes a long way. Even from the first use, along with the brand’s day and night face lotions, my face was looking great!

  6. Michella – 22 Jan 2022:

    Perfect for sensitive skin. Gentle and doesn’t dry out my face, yet removes make-up well.

  7. Elaina Danielle – 18 Jan 2022:

    This is my favourite face wash. My skin loves it! I think it’s a more natural product to use as many other face washes has a lot of harsh chemicals in them. It washes my make-up off in one wash and leaves my skin soft and healthy.

  8. Mariette – 18 Jan 2022:

    Gentle facewash yet removes all your makeup without making your skin feeling like it is dried out

  9. Emma – 18 Dec 2021:

    This face wash works very well at removing makeup. It used to be my daily cleanser until I tried the soothing Cleansing Lotion and that just felt more gentle and moisturising for my skin now that I’m wearing less makeup.

  10. Nina – 10 Apr 2021:

    I have tried quite a few products and they left my skin feeling dry or oily. African Extracts leaves my skin feeling smooth, it has a fresh natural scent and just a drop goes a long way! Affordable, great quality and I’ll definitely be recommending this product!

  11. Hope – 7 Apr 2021:

    For more than 8 years struggling to find the best cleanser for my face but failed.
    This time I found more than I was hoping for.

    This is the best.

  12. Linda Kumm – 30 Mar 2021:

    I Absolutely LOVE this product! It’s the first time I’ve tried African Extracts and I am so happy I did. The classic face wash makes my skin feel refreshed and it smells great. So gentle yet so effective. I will only be using African Extracts. Well done, you have created an amazing product for our local South Africans. I will most definitely be singing your praises to everyone I know 👍

  13. Nthabiseng – 27 Mar 2021:

    The face wash is one of the best products I have ever used it moisturizes my skin and makes it smooth

  14. Benita Dass – 26 Mar 2021:

    I would try every skin care product hoping something would help. This face wash was the only one to leave my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and eliminated my skin from break outs.
    The smell is not overpowering and I absolutely love this product

  15. Yvonne – 26 Mar 2021:

    I love this face wash and have been using it for a couple of years and recommend it to anyone I speak to about skin care.

  16. Dineo Phasha – 26 Mar 2021:

    I feel I never have to run out of this face wash ever. The silkiest one I have ever used and smells so amazing. Its foamy and dreamy that I even think of washing my face more than twice😂

  17. Rukaya Davids – 26 Mar 2021:

    I love love love this product, since I started using it my skin is softer and smoother and I no longer have the dry and oily areas on my face. I love the smell, and I love the fact that it doesn’t produce too much foam.

  18. Maria – 18 Mar 2021:

    Very gentle face wash. I’m using this twice a day and it’s very gentle on my skin. After using it my face looks perfectly clean and I am very happy with that.

  19. Jess – 18 Mar 2021:

    Lovey and gentle but effective

  20. Tiane S. – 13 Mar 2021:

    This face wash is the best product I have ever used, my skin is so much better.

  21. Hanli E. – 10 Mar 2021:

    My absolute favourite product for my face. Smells great, affordable and effective.

  22. Nadine S. – 3 Mar 2021:

    This face wash is incredible. So smooth and with such a lovely smell.

  23. Sylvia – 19 Feb 2021:

    I have dry, sensitive skin but it is left feeling soft and comfortable with this Rooibos cleanser. No tight feeling as with most cleansers and I love its subtle smell.

  24. Barbara Z. – 18 Feb 2021:

    Easy to use in the shower, rinses off makeup nicely.

  25. Marian S. – 5 Feb 2021:

    The best face wash, a small drop does the trick! And no extra make remover necessary! And this face wash smells so good.

  26. Linda M. – 21 Jan 2021:

    I never leave reviews but had to for this product. My skin is glowing thank you.

  27. Laura G. – 21 Jan 2021:

    Effective cleanser and lovely fragrance. I like to alternate it with the exfoliating cleanser.

  28. Aisha S. – 21 Jan 2021:

    This is the best face wash been using and I can’t do without it

  29. African Extracts – 21 Jan 2021:

    Thanks for the feedback Stephanie. Our premium ranges such Radiance and new ones in the pipeline do not contain fragrance, and or non-foaming cleanser do not contain SLS (which is a safe and proven staple of the personal care industry, in everything from dishwashing liquid to hand soaps, with no ill effects).
    We are committed to offering safe, effective and affordable skin care.

  30. Stephanie – 15 Jan 2021:

    I was excited to try out African extracts especially because I love supporting local businesses but I was disappointed to find that the ingredients were stripping and left my skin feeling dry and irritated so I had to discontinue use. I think that this product would benefit without the sodium laureth sulphate and fragrance.

  31. Diane Long – 4 Nov 2020:

    My Favourite product is the Rooibos Classic Face wash.

  32. Hannah – 20 Oct 2020:

    I love this cleanser, it is gentle but still works so well at removing makeup! The smell is lovely.

  33. Kathleen-Paula S. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I love how this facial wash makes my face feel clean without feeling dry. It makes my skin soft and supple. It’s got thar lovely herbal smell, too. I use this daily as my night time facial wash.

  34. Lindi V. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I’ve been using African Extracts for a year and I really love it. The products are affordable and cruelty free. This is my favourite cleanser, it removes all my makeup every time and doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated. The fresh rooibos smell is the best!

  35. Katherine Rose – 19 Oct 2020:

    I love this Rooibos range! The face wash is lovely and smells great. I’m so happy I decided to try this!

  36. Cheri M. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Love this Rooibos skincare range. I’m big on products that are gentle on the skin yet effective and I love this face wash.

  37. Karen S. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Been using this for a couple of weeks now. Gentle and calming on your skin. Leaves it feeling very fresh and soft. My sensitive skin has no problem with this. Love it!

  38. Belinda A. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I love these products and they smell amazing! Nothing better than a Rooibos tea scent. Absolutely amazing.

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