Dual-Action Moisturiser


Size: 75ml

This non-greasy Purifying Moisturiser leaves the skin soft for a shine-free finish.

Key ingredients

With Bio-Active Rooibos, Vitamin E and Baobab help to soothe and moisturise skin, and Salicylic Acid to help reduce oil and minimise breakouts.

How to use

Apply Purifying Moisturiser after cleansing once or twice a day. Use an SPF15 for skin protection.

Your daily skin care

Cleanse your skin morning and evening. Follow with Purifying Toner and Moisturiser for best results. Use this product only as directed.

  • Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Dual-Action Moisturiser

  1. Lebohang Mathe – 5 Jan 2024:

    This is the best moisturizer for someone with oily skin. It does EXACTLY what it says. I’m currently using my 2nd bottle and will definitely purchadt a 3rd one. I’m so safisified with Rooibos African Extract Shine Control Moisturizer ❤️.

  2. Chantel – 9 May 2023:

    Been looking for a great moisturizer for oily skin for some time and stumbled across this product. Bought it to give it a try and after only two days of using already see a notable difference. Light weight and true to what it says it does! Impressed. This will now be my go to product.

  3. Anonymous – 22 Jul 2022:

    Amazing product 😍

  4. Desree Matlala – 17 Jan 2022:

    The dual-action moisturizer is my all time fave! 🥺❤️ Keeps my skin soft and glowing. Love it!

  5. Amkelwa Gxumisa – 2 Jan 2022:

    It is very gentle on my skin and non-greasy. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised, fresh, soft and smooth. It definitely gives your face the glow it needs.

  6. Njabulo Mzinyane – 2 Jan 2022:

    My skin feels fresh. I don’t need make-up to cover my skin. Finally, I got what is meant for my skin after so many years of trying several face products and I like the fact that it’s also affordable

  7. Noxolo M – 27 Dec 2021:

    I suffered from severe acne during my pregnancy & even after, it left a lot of scarring and dark marks. I have very sensitive skin and I get very skeptical about what I use on my face but this has come to my rescue. I have been using it for 4months & my skin feels so amazing 😍. They leave my skin moisturized, my dark marks are even fading

  8. Maxine Louise – 20 Dec 2021:

    I used this as both my AM and PM moisturizer and I’d say it’s best used in the AM. A little goes a long way when applied to damp skin and it definitely left my skin feeling moisturized once it dried down. The fragrance was not overbearing either and it did not irritate my active acne spots

  9. sibongile maseko – 28 Sep 2021:

    I LOVE IT cause its non greasy,leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth,soft and moisturized, 10/10.

  10. Lunhla – 23 Sep 2021:

    Great product ,I’m in love.

    One star missing because we need greater amounts of the products please.

  11. Tiego – 5 Aug 2021:

    My favorite product is the dual action moisturizer because it is neither too thin or too thick, so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s moisturizing yet reduces oiliness. I have combination dry/oily skin so it’s just the perfect consistency for my skin.

  12. Sherell Beukes – 30 Mar 2021:

    The great thing about African extracts is no matter the occasion or the condition of your skin at any given time, they have it all!

    Such a great moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling moisturized

  13. Sherell Beukes – 30 Mar 2021:

    The great thing about African extracts is no matter the occasion or the condition of your skin at any given time, they have it all!

    Such a great moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling softer than ever.

  14. Selinde Weise – 26 Mar 2021:

    Really enjoyed this Moisturiser! Doesn’t feel greasy at all!

  15. sarah – 12 Jan 2021:

    Hi Ntombi, we are so pleased you are loving the moisturiser. Thanks for the suggestion – keep an eye on our new launches this year 😉

  16. Ntombi – 9 Jan 2021:

    I’ve been using this moisturizer for the past two years and I’m adamant on not changing anytime soon. One ask though, could you pretty please add SPF or an SPF variant to the collection? With cherry on top 🙂

  17. Emmy Muhoni – 14 Dec 2020:

    I have been using the Dual Action moisturiser and I am impressed.

  18. Mudzunga Manena – 14 Dec 2020:

    It’s gentle on my skin and really reduced spots on my face.

  19. Pumlani – 21 Oct 2020:

    Love a product that works for oily skin and is cruelty free!

  20. Sharlotte – 21 Oct 2020:

    To finish off my skin routine, I use the dual action moisturiser. The product has a glowy effect on my face while it also helps prevent blemishes and smoothens my skin. I hated how tight my face would feel after using some products or how my skin would suddenly become lighter! Here, I found something that works without changing or lightening my skin!

  21. Reeva – 21 Oct 2020:

    The African Extracts Rooibos Purifying Dual – Action Moisturizer with Bio – Active Rooibos and Baobab extract claims to be a non-greasy moisturizer that works in two ways to reduce oiliness and to help prevent spots. According to African Extracts the bio- active Rooibos and baobab extract contained within the cream helps to soothe and calm the skin whilst the vitamin C and salicylic acid works to unclog pores and keep skin smooth and blemish free. This is a very pleasant, light, hydrating moisturizer. True to its word, it is not greasy at all and readily absorbs into the skin. It has the slightest mattifying effect once it has sunk into the skin but is overall very moisturizing and feels wonderful on the skin. The moisturizer is highly fragranced but will not be bothersome if you enjoy fragrance. The fragrance is fresh and pleasant. After prolonged use of this product I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s hydration and my skin feels great after each use. This moisturizer is like a refreshing drink of water that quenches the skin immediately upon application. The light formulation makes this moisturizer perfect for day time use – along with a sunscreen and perfect for night time use without causing build up or clogged pores and break outs.

  22. Lauren – 21 Oct 2020:

    I’ve always loved how salicylic acid works on the skin. It’s been a big help in really leaving my skin clear & fresh.

  23. Cretty – 21 Oct 2020:

    “My favourite product, no more oily skin! “

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