Day Cream SPF15


Size: 50ml

This advanced day cream provides skin with an instant hydration boost and 24-hour moisturising effect, plus the daily protection of UVA/UVB SPF15 to help reduce the signs of ageing caused by sun exposure.


Instant hydration boost

24-hour moisturisation

Improved skin barrier function




Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos – a natural source of powerful antioxidant protection.

2% Hyaluronic Acid – a water-capturing molecule for instant and long-lasting hydration.

Ceramides – to support the skin’s lipid structure and minimise moisture loss.

Resurrection leaf (Myrothamnus flabellifolius) extract – a desert plant breakthrough discovery that promotes cellular repair and skin revitalisation.

SPF15 UVA/UVB sunscreen

Directions for use

Use daily in the morning after cleansing and toning for skin that feels soft and protected. Rich, creamy texture, easily absorbed.

  • Reviews (36)

36 reviews for Day Cream SPF15

  1. Nikita Naicker – 11 Apr 2024:

    I recently tried, In autumn and winter I suffer with dry skin and get patches around my face however this serum leaves my face feeling so moisturized throughout the day. This is my now go to product especially as winter approaches. Just love it!I recently tried, In autumn and winter I suffer with dry skin and get patches around my face however this serum leaves my face feeling so moisturized throughout the day. This is my now go to product especially as winter approaches. It’s also so affordable compared to other brands. Just love it!

  2. Natisha Singh – 10 Apr 2024:

    I have very sensitive skin and have tried many products but recently a friend gifted me this and i love it. It is really making a difference to my skin and it the important thing is that it agrees to my skin. It suits my lifestyle and my needs. Great product..

  3. Charmaine – 10 Apr 2024:

    This product along with the face wash and the night cream has really made a difference in my skin. It’s really less dry and dull . Especially during the winter season.

  4. Beverley – 9 Apr 2024:

    I have been a user of this cream for years. The new moisture based cream has surpassed my expectations. My skin feels new. Its plumped up- no lines and wrinkles, it’s glowing, hydrated, no dryness no itchiness no adverse effects its just a bottle of youth cream. With the affordable price it’s a staple in my beauty routine. I’m feeling 30 again . The compliments and the questions about ” what do you use” – this product sells itself just Wow.

  5. Tasha Shevon Koekemoer – 9 Apr 2024:

    This Advantage SPF15 Intensive Day Cream is heaven sent. Bye-bye dry, Dehydrated skin. Hello beautiful soft, smooth and Hydrated skin. Plus I love the added SPF against sun damage plus it fights fine lines and wrinkles.

    I can also add make up over it without caking ir crumbling. Very Happy 😊

  6. Cirsten Van den heuvel – 8 Apr 2024:

    I find this gives my skin a gradient boost during the day and easy to wear under make up without clogging the skin knowing my skin is protected and hydrated

  7. Sibapiwe Hadebe – 8 Apr 2024:

    After giving birth (to all my 3 children), I get imbalance on my skin, and it looks like its cracking with pimples all over because of hormone imbalance. I worry not because I definitely know my fighter who has fought for me from my 1st born who is now 13. I can vouch for this product especially when combined with the same range for different times of the day. I specifically rely on this day cream for hydration boost and that 24-hour moisturising effect. As a Mrs South Africa Semi Finalist 2024, I have been accused of glowing everywhere I go, and I share that my secrete has always been African Extracts products including this Day Cream!!!

  8. Anthea – 8 Apr 2024:

    The intensive day cream is great anti-aging and sun protective day cream. I love the results and my skin has never felt this great before.

  9. Sameera – 8 Apr 2024:

    This is the perfect cream if you have dry,sensitive skin. I also have mild eczema and it has helped to keep my skin moisturized and soft.
    My dream is to hopefully get to try out the rest of the products. If I have had such positive experiences with the misting toner and day cream ,then I know the rest of the products will be a dream for my eczema- prone skin. Thank you and much love @African extracts. Loyal client for years.

  10. Penny Louw – 8 Apr 2024:

    This day cream is absolutely wonderful for my aging skin, so light and smooth, very moisturising, I can feel my skin is glowing again, & very affordable.

  11. Tremayne – 7 Apr 2024:

    After using this product I’ve seen a massive change in my skin. Having a natural glow. My mum and I live this new product and been using this brand over 15 years now.

  12. Elouise Muller – 7 Apr 2024:

    Worth every penny. The cream’s rich texture provides lasting hydration without greasiness and visibly reducing fine lines.
    It has transformed my complexion, leaving it smoother, firmer, and more radiant. A must-have for anyone.

  13. Gugulethu – 7 Apr 2024:

    I’m absolutely in love with the African Extracts Day Cream SPF15! It’s my holy grail for keeping my skin hydrated and protected all day long. With its instant hydration boost and 24-hour moisturising effect, my skin feels incredibly nourished and supple. I especially appreciate the added daily protection of UVA/UVB SPF15, which helps minimize the signs of aging caused by sun exposure. Knowing that it’s clinically proven, suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologist-approved, and vegan makes me feel confident in using it daily. This day cream has truly become an essential part of my skincare routine!

  14. Ncamsile KaMabaso Mngadi – 6 Apr 2024:

    haven’t bought it. I’ll try to buy month end. I would love to try on my face as I have high hyperpigmentation 😩

  15. Raeesa omar – 5 Apr 2024:

    This Day cream has given me confidence and protection in the sun even with with battling auto immune diseases, first time I can say I found a product that works for my skin and my concerns and keeps me skin looking refreshed and healthy.

  16. Melyni Eilers – 5 Apr 2024:

    Wow, wow WOW!! This is Heaven for my skin! I can feel and see the difference after the first application! Would highly recommend this!

  17. PENNY LOUW – 5 Apr 2024:

    I absolutely love the smooth and light feeling on my skin, the best moisturiser ever. So soft and gentle, my skin is glowing, It lasts the whole day, very affordable.

  18. Nompilo – 5 Apr 2024:

    My skin never looked better. For someone with sensitive skin I’m always second guessing certain ingredients but this was perfect, no irritation whatsoever. I have found my safe space!

  19. Anisha Dayanand – 5 Apr 2024:

    Absolutely love the way it makes my skin feel fresh throughout the day and protects me from sun damage and other harsh elements.

  20. Anusha Naidoo – 5 Apr 2024:

    Absolutely love this Day Cream it applies with ease feels so light and silky , absorbs perfectly, gentle on my skin and moisturises my skin wonderfully thank you for a lovely product which has ingredients that has great benefits and makes me feel confident in my ageing skin.

  21. Gadija Eckelton – 5 Apr 2024:

    I really don’t regret buying the range of products my skin looks and feels smooth I would recommend these products to everyone. And some stores always have specials on the produts

  22. Kajal Maharaj – 13 Oct 2021:

    Has a light texture so it goes on smoothly and absorbs easily. The fragrance is also pleasant.

  23. Nicola Subben – 13 Oct 2021:

    This moisturiser feels if I have nothing on and I love that about this product. I also love the fact that it includes SPF15. Previously some moisturisers were too greasy or extremely dry. This feels as if it was made for my skin – it somehow has the right amount of moisture without being oily.

  24. Tracey Porter – 13 Oct 2021:

    Soaked right in without feeling heavy.

  25. Jenna M – 2 Jul 2021:

    Been there and tried it all, and this brand just constantly comes out tops! Did a little stock up recently and I have a happy face again, plump and fine line free.

  26. Annelicia – 21 Apr 2021:

    I am currently using the toner and the day cream, it honestly lives up to its name. My skin feels refresh and rejuvenated each and every time I am using this product. I can vouch this is the best product on the market.

  27. Anelle Zondagh – 29 Mar 2021:

    I have now started to use this product. I am 63 years old. The cream is lovely on my skin, moisturising but at all oily. It leaves my skin smooth.

  28. Roxann – 28 Mar 2021:

    The cream is light but very moisturizing. Will definitely repurchase!

  29. Nadine S. – 17 Mar 2021:

    The best day care. I’m very impressed with the Advantage day and night creams. My skins feels and looks calm and happy. My favourite moisturiser out there!

  30. Mariam Engelbrecht – 3 Feb 2021:

    The day cream I’ve been using for years now . It is gentle on face , and soft. I like that it’s vegan so no harsh chemicals etc . As long as I have my day cream , I’m happy chappy.

  31. Vanessa L. – 19 Oct 2020:

    This day cream is a 10/10 I really love it for my dry skin. The whole Advantage range is wonderful and so affordable without compromising on quality. I love Rooibos products!

  32. Lizelle van A. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I have used many different day creams over the years. This one is the first not to make my skin oily… and it lasts the whole day. I love it!

  33. Wendy Shah – 19 Oct 2020:

    Great value for a good quality, luxurious anti-ageing product, Especially pleased it is cruelty free!

  34. Dee H. – 19 Oct 2020:

    The best moisturiser I have used in years. Absolutely divine.

  35. Ingrid B. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Loving the ingredients and ethics , the scent is discreet , lovely to apply , really chuffed with my purchase. Will buy regularly.

  36. Jasmine P. – 19 Oct 2020:

    The Day Cream feels really light on the skin. I am loving the feel it gives to my skin.

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