Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil


Size: 125ml

Everyone should have a bottle of this versatile oil for face, body, nails and hair. It’s a top-to-toe beauty treatment that’s a natural alternative to mineral-based oils. With Bio-Active Rooibos extract, Geranium and Vitamin E in a  blend of Sweet Almond and Grape Seed oils, this powerhouse of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins helps regenerate, restore and rehydrate. Clinically proven with visible results in just six weeks.

Key uses

Dry and dehydrated skin
Fine lines and wrinkles
Uneven skin tone
Marks and blemishes
Dry cuticles and brittle nails
Dry scalp and lifeless hair
Braids and dreadlocks
Scars and stretch marks


  • Reviews (67)

67 reviews for Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil

  1. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    Tissue Oil works wonders for my stretch marks i recommend it to everyone

  2. Mpho – 22 Nov 2023:

    I love the tissue oil. But dislike that the coating on the bottle flakes off into my hands. Please reconsider a stick on label that will not flake.

  3. Porter, T – 11 Nov 2021:

    I’ve found that the new multi-purpose tissue oil as one of the really good ways to invest in my skin. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and not only does it provide good hydration to my body’s skin (both after lotion or on its own), but also works well on nail cuticles & as a before-shampoo scalp treatment.

  4. Shamila – 5 Aug 2021:

    I bought this tissue oil and it is amazing. I started noticing my skin change almost as soon as I used it. From very dry skin, my skin feels more supple and soft. I use it at night and in the mornings. My daughter fell a year ago and has a scar on her knee. We tried numerous tissue oils but nothing helped. She is trying this now and we can see so much improvement. This oil is amazing!!!! Love it, can’t wait to see the end result. Thk u for this amazing product

  5. Thandwa Ntshangase – 5 Aug 2021:

    I’ve been using the Rooibos tissue oil for over 8 months now and I am really happy with the aftermath of using the product. I love the wonders the tissue oil did to my face after my acne breakout. I love it for its classical care. I don’t see myself using anything else besides the Rooibos tissue oil. I trust rooibos with my overall skin. I look radiant at all times and I never stop telling people about the Rooibos tissue oil.

  6. Colleen – 5 Aug 2021:

    I’m a sixty eight year old Mom,I’ve now been using the African Extracts tissue oil for 6mths.
    My skin was so dull an seemed to have lost its elasticity ,because I spend a lot of time in the sun,my skin had become “leathery”..I moved to Hermanus where the sun,beaches,sea water seemed to have taken its told on my skin.I.hadnt seen my friends for months .
    Well I’m so pleased to tell you,I’m happy ,happy,my friends asked me “how can u afford a face lift?”I told them it’s all thanks to yr fantastic tissue oil that I have been using ..
    Thank you so much…I have now started combining it with yr other products an I’m ecstatic with feed back I get..Pls never take it of the market ,.

  7. Judy – 5 Aug 2021:

    I really love your tissue oil. It helped fade the scars on my thighs and also my stretch marks. I’d recommend it to anyone who has dry skin, dark marks or scars

  8. Esethu Sinovuyo Snowie Matabata – 27 Jul 2021:

    Best ever resently tried it ❤

  9. Cathleen Kriel – 27 Jul 2021:

    The Best Ever

  10. Goodproductiveskincare – 27 Jul 2021:

    A very good product!!

  11. Ursula Botha – 27 Jul 2021:

    I love using this in my hair!!!!

  12. Tlangelani – 27 Jul 2021:

    I’m loving everything. Your tissue oil is absolutely my favourite this winter. My skin has been really amazing 😁 Thank you.

  13. Anneeda – 29 Mar 2021:

    The Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil is so amazing! It is versatile and gentle on my skin. I use it on my face, body and scalp as I struggle with dry skin. 1 Product, multiple uses. I love it!

  14. Sherell Beukes – 27 Mar 2021:

    For so many years I suffered from acne scaring on my face. So many years of caking on my make up, hiding behind a mask to try boost my self esteem but feeling more self conscious at the same time. Well ENOUGH, I said.

    After discovering African Extracts multi purpose tissue oil my make up bills have decreased, my skin tone and texture have increased and last but not least my scaring has VANISHED!!!

    I have never felt so proud of my skin before and it’s all thanks to the wide range of AFRICAN EXTRACTS PRODUCTS !

  15. Barbara Coetzee – 27 Mar 2021:

    I had a session of microneedling done to my face which increases the production of collagen in order to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. As an aftercare, the therapist suggested I use a glycerin soap and tissue oil.
    As I had a bottle of your tissue oil, I applied it day and night. It helped to heal my skin so quickly, kept my skin hydrated and plump. Ever since then, I’ve kept up this routine and have noticed my skin looks brighter, smoother and more even skin toned all for just over R100 a bottle and it lasts for 3 months. What value!!!!!

  16. Theresa May – 26 Mar 2021:

    I absolutely love the Tissue Oil its extremely versatile and remarkable results with my uneven skin tone and my frizzy hair. #AfricanExracts

  17. Kayleigh Chapman – 26 Mar 2021:

    I LOVE this tissue oil. I use it on my post op shoulder surgery scars as well as stretch marks. It works absolute wonders.

  18. Dineo Phasha – 26 Mar 2021:

    I have been using the tissue oil for 3 months now. The difference it has made on my stretch marks is unbelievable. I also use it to moisture my face at night and my skin is literally glowing and feels so soft😍. I love it so much.

  19. Astrid B. – 17 Mar 2021:

    Best product! This is the best product! I use it daily.

  20. Penny Louw – 21 Feb 2021:

    I absolutely love all these African extracts Rooibos products. Advantage range is perfect for me, my aging skin and wrinkles need these products to look & feel beautiful. I just love the facial wipes, always in my bag, I use before & after gym workouts to keep my face looking fresh. Affordable & excellent quality 👌 I would love to try the Tissue oil to improve my skin tone.

  21. Marie-Thérèse Potgieter – 10 Feb 2021:

    I have used many different tissue oils before but I have never been so impressed as when I started using the African Extracts tissue oil. It is so light and penetrates so quickly. into your skin making it silky soft
    It keeps your face moisturised while wearing makeup a whole day without messing your makeup and at the end of the day I don’t get that tight feeling I used to get especially after wearing foundation and being in airconfitioning as I have an extremely dry mature skin. I love it under my body lotion and on my hands so much that I keep a bottle in my kitchen. It has done wonders for my nails and my hair as I have replaced my preshampoo haircream with it. I just love it not only for its benefits but also for not having the gooey feeling of oil on my skin which other tissue oils have given me. It’s price is quite reasonable and affordable. I would recommend its use to anybody as it is of super quality and really gives value for money.

  22. Buhle – 6 Feb 2021:

    I am the fan of your tissue oil as it will help me remove my spots and vains that appear in my body, so wish to win😘🤞

  23. Felicity Ohlson – 5 Feb 2021:

    I just simply love this Tissue oil. I have tried different oils for the scars on my arms but this one works best. My hair is looking so healthy and feels soft to the touch. Perfect for my bushy, curly dry hair. My son took my bottle to use on acne and other scars on his face. Least to say I never got it back. It is an absolute wonderful, all over body product. When I run out of face oil and cream then this is my go-to-product.😚😚

  24. Lucille – 5 Feb 2021:

    This is an amazing product!! My son fell and cut himsef badly and had a deep gash that would have left an ugly scar. I applied this tissue oil immediately after cleaning the wound. There is absolutely no indication of any scar. Not too mention how wonderfully it soothes my skin as an eczema sufferer.

  25. Anonymous – 3 Feb 2021:

    Felicity Pietermaritzburg
    I bought my tissue oil in Pietermaritzburg and used it all over my body. My hair being very curly and dry and in this humid climate was especially the hungrier to enjoy this product. Went home to Cape Town and my son asked me to use my tissue oil for a scar. Needless to say I never got it back. Back in PMB my hair is in much need of Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil. It is a wonderful product and my son is raving about it while I have yet to replenish my stock. #wantmytissueoil

  26. Vivien Botha – 1 Feb 2021:

    I use the tissue oil on my face, neck and hair – and have had remarkable results:
    My skin tone has improved and the oil tames any hair frizz.

  27. Elaine Smith – 31 Jan 2021:

    I have only recently start using the African Extract Rooibos Advantage range. I am in love with the products but haven’t tried the tissue oil yet. With all the benefits of the tissue oil product, i am super excited to buy my first bottle.

  28. Pfano Magavha – 30 Jan 2021:

    I have never felt comfortable showing my skin because it’s the most dry skin I’ve ever came across, and I never thought I’d be able to find something that would moisturize my skin this good, And to think that I I only started using it last week. This tissue oil is a miracle worker and I am glad I do not have to worry about dry flaky skin anymore

  29. Madelein Nicholson – 30 Jan 2021:

    Love this multi purpose tissue oil. In winter my skin gets very dry and flaky, but this oil helps so much to rehydrate my skin. It also helped minimize scars on my chin from acne. Add a few drops to you bath as well.. You will thank me later.

  30. Tina Mamogobo – 30 Jan 2021:

    I really don’t have anything to share about this product however I’ve always loved using oil on my face cause i heard it is great for the skin. I’ve used another brand and it seemed to worsen my face. It ade it extremely oily and i would have constant break outs. I shall try this and mix it with a body lotion

  31. Joey Lehomo – 29 Jan 2021:

    I bought the tissue oil early December 2020 and now my skin feels so smooth and soft and I also love the texture of the oil. All my areas of concern are no longer an issue as I am already seeing a big difference on my skin. I love it 🙌💖🥰

  32. Elena P – 29 Jan 2021:

    African rooibos is the best product I ever came across for my skin . It helps keep my skin smooth and refreshed whole day . I love it because its not just locally made but also the best part is that its natural and organic which works wonders on my young skin it keeps my skin toned and smells amazing . Just as my skin loves it so does my nails . My skin and nails are kept nourished the whole day as I use it during the day . I travel with it everywhere and is kept in my bag , whenever I feel that my skin and nails need a boost I know I have the African rooibos tissue oil for the job . Well done rooibos keep making and leaving our skin young and radiant .

  33. Lorinda – 29 Jan 2021:

    Best tissue oil by far,had a back operation which left a nasty scar,my friend recommended the tissue oil and I was amazed how smaller the scar got and hardly visible,I would recommend this oil to anyone.

  34. Zandile Ntombela – 29 Jan 2021:

    This is the best product ever .

    It helped me with the post pregnancy stretch marks . Iam a huge fan

  35. Nolwazi – 29 Jan 2021:

    This is literally my go to product for my hair day wash

  36. Nkosinomusa Dube – 29 Jan 2021:

    Best product that show significant result. The tissue oil really help will my stubborn stretch marks and they have started to fade within 4 weeks of using it. Can not wait to have smooth skin. The way I’m loving this product will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  37. Theresa May – 29 Jan 2021:

    I absolutely adore this Tissue Oil it’s easy to apply and very versatile. This product I use all over my body and thus far only had positive results. I will never stop using it and constantly suggest the use of Tissue Oil to my friends and family.

  38. Diane Penderis – 29 Jan 2021:

    I use the tissue oil on my highlighted hair which has dried out of all the highlights and lots of swimming over the festive season, its wonderful on my hair and does not leave it oily it just feeds my hair. When I started peeling after tanning to much I used the tissue oil for a few days, it worked fantastically well. I will definitely recommend this product as it`s a brilliant product and nobody should go without it.

  39. Ines Leal – 29 Jan 2021:

    I add tissue oil into my body lotion especially in winter when my skin is extra dry. Brilliant for scars and dry nails

  40. ELEANORE DELPORT – 29 Jan 2021:

    I been using you product for a month now and I love that it hydrates my skin without leaving it oily. I have mature dry skin and this product works well and it helps that it is well priced and that it have multiple uses.

  41. Nadeeya – 29 Jan 2021:

    I’m 47 years old and have had eczema since I was 2 years old. It was always an issue with me because of how my skin used to burn and itch and the scars it left. As a young lady I always felt ugly and was always taking cortisone and steroids. Using tissue oil for bathing and with my lotions not only helped with the scars but also with the itch and burning. I use this on my kids as well so that they never have to go through the pain I went through.

  42. Mathebula Ntiyiso – 29 Jan 2021:

    The tissue oil helped a lot with my scalp now I have a clean clear scalp.
    I have pimple scars on my legs but they are now slowly disappearing

  43. Busisiwe Msimang – 29 Jan 2021:

    I have no words, the small bottle does wonders to my skin. After taking a bath in the evening I use my Rooibos Tissue Oil on my face, my face looks young and wrinkle free all the blemishes are slowly disappearing. My nails were very brittle and now they are strong and looking healthy. I love my small bottle and will definitely recommend to many people.

  44. charmaine – 29 Jan 2021:

    I absolutely love Rooibos Tissue oil. there is no better oil. I have tried a few other brands but nothing comes close to Rooibos. I use all the facial products of Rooibos as well and also the Glycerine soap. There is no other product that work for my skin better than Rooibos. No break outs, no dryness. Its just absolute worth it.

  45. Rethabile G – 29 Jan 2021:

    Ive had a dry skin since I was a kid and nothing ever worked I had to always wear long pants, dresses and skirts to cover up but ever since i used this product I feel like telling the whole word that I can wear anything I want without feeling ashamed or embarrassed

  46. Tristan Du Plessis – 29 Jan 2021:

    I have been using the African Extracts Rooibos Tissue Oil for quite some time now all over my body after my evening shower, it really is effective and reduces the appearance of scars and marks quickly, within a few weeks you will notice the difference. My grandmother has many times mentioned how she would also love to purchase this tissue oil on her scars which are all the way underneath her breasts to her stomach after facing cancer and having surgery to remove cancer cells. I just know this would work wonders for her

  47. Liz Henry – 29 Jan 2021:

    Fantastic product, I use it for my face twice a week overnight, use it for my nails, and especially for my legs where it adds a beautiful glow. When wearing a skirt or shorts it adds a wonderful shine to my legs making my skin look younger and healthier!

  48. Beverley Fortuin – 29 Jan 2021:

    I have been using this Tissue Oil for the past 4 or 5 weeks. It is absolutely remarkable and with such obvious results. Every night I use it in my face, chest, stomach and hips. I am 43 years old with a very busy 3yr old and desperately needed the extra care for this often tired Mommy. This Tissue Oil completely rejuvenates my skin. I absolutely love it.
    10 out of 10!

  49. Michelle P. – 19 Oct 2020:

    It’s been just two weeks using this Tissue Oil and I’ve been extremely satisfied. I’ve been using it religiously on my face before my moisturiser, as well as added it to my body lotion and applied it directly to eczema. Not only has it worked in reducing blemishes on my face, it has helped reduce my eczema areas. What makes it even better is the fact that it’s 100% vegan and safe for my skin!

  50. Tayla C. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Fresh gel nails call for extra special cuticle care. I’ve started keeping the tissue oil next to my bed for a quick hand massage before I go to sleep. My nails are in such a healthy condition!’ve always had a love-hate relationship with messy oils that are too thick to absorb. LUCKILY the consistency of this is thin enough to use as a general moisturiser straight out of the shower and works wonders on scars, plus it comes in a leak free, easy to apply spray bottle.

  51. Anne D. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Tissue oil has so many uses. My hair gets quite frizzy, dry and full of static electricity and I’ve been using this as a way to combat all those. A couple of sprays in my hand and lightly smoothing it over my hair after I’ve blow waved it makes all the difference. It leaves my hair shiny, nourished and best of all no flyaways . I also use it on my cuticles! Brilliant to keep them soft.

  52. Cassidy – 19 Oct 2020:

    This Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil has become a staple in my skin-care routine at night. I either mix it in with some body lotion or just spray it straight onto my skin and use as a hair treatment. I spray it in the night before I wash it, as a deep treatment, or I use it to tame my frizz when I air dry my hair.

  53. Debi L. – 19 Oct 2020:

    After having a tumour removed from my breast I was left with very vivid scars and burn marks under my breast from the radiation. All I used was African Extracts Tissue Oil and the scars have really healed and faded quickly, and the radiation marks have disappeared. My oncologist was amazed at the difference after only a few weeks.

  54. Nicole van der S. – 19 Oct 2020:

    After a nice warm steamy shower we pop it on all over – from head to toe!

  55. Hannah – 19 Oct 2020:

    This is my favourite African Extracts product! It has so many uses, probably the most versatile beauty product I have ever owned. I use it as a full body moisturiser, before I go to bed if I want a deep moisturising facial pamper, its wonderful for hands, nails and cuticles after a manicure, I use it as massage oil and also in my hair for a hydrating treatment. I keep it next to my bed because I use it so often.

  56. Wendy Shah – 19 Oct 2020:

    Smells nice and absorbs well. A very useful multitasking product. Will definitely repurchase.

  57. Larissa B. – 19 Oct 2020:

    One of my favourite products, perfect for a nice and relaxing bath. Also amazing as a cost-effective hair treatment, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hair this soft and shiny!

  58. Mutsa – 19 Oct 2020:

    Love love love this oil, it works for everything!! My kinky hair, combination skin (face and body), and scars! Not so oily that you feel greasy, but oily enough to feel soft and well moisturised. 10/10

  59. Anne H. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I have been using this instead of conditioner for my hair, keeping the frizz down until hairdresser reopens, I will continue to use even after cut.

  60. Raine P. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I’m so Impressed wth this brand. I first brought the mini starter kit for dry/ mature skin. Then within days I purchased this oil. Since menopause I’ve suffered from very day skin. I tried all sorts with no improvement. However I instantly noticed such an improvement from day one. No exaggeration its really made such a difference. I’m in the beauty industry and so I feel I have good knowledge of skin care. I now hooked, and will recommend to everyone.

  61. Patience Muchawa – 19 Oct 2020:

    Bought this about a month ago and I am seeing results! My skin is looking great.

  62. Cheryl-Lynn S. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Smooth and hydrating. Use on face, absorbs quickly, then use cream. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles in a couple of weeks. Love this product. Thank you.

  63. Lynne J. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Always put off by the word oil but this product has changed my mind. Light but very effective, it has quickly become my go to product. You can almost hear your skin say thank you.

  64. Matusa M. – 19 Oct 2020:

    Multitasking oil that I use for my dry skin on my back, also for my scalp – it soothes and relives itching.

  65. Natasha H – 19 Oct 2020:

    Skin feels really soft. I love putting this oil on after bath or shower.

  66. Ashleigh – 19 Oct 2020:

    I’ve tried a few tissue oils in the past and this one is by far the best. I love how lightweight it is and it doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy like some others do. It leaves skin feeling soft and I’m already starting to see results after only a few weeks.

  67. Karen S. – 19 Oct 2020:

    I have been using this a little while now and I love this product. I put it on my hands at night for an intensive moisture treatment over night. Sometimes I also put handcream on top of it to seal it in. I had a small rash on my wrist and this completely soothed it, surprisingly so. It’s nearly gone now. I do like this oil.

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