Soothing Cleansing Lotion


Size: 250ml

This comforting cleansing lotion is perfect for skin that needs gentle care. The light, non-greasy formula is enriched with the antioxidant power of Bio-Active Rooibos extract, with Vitamin E to boost moisture and soothing Chamomile flower extract.

Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos with antioxidants
Antioxidant Vitamin E known for its moisturising benefits
Chamomile flower extract  to help soothe and calm the skin

Directions for use

Smooth on with your fingertips to gently remove all traces of impurities, makeup and environmental particles.

  • Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Soothing Cleansing Lotion

  1. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    Best product ladies go and try it out

  2. Marguerette Damonds – 21 Mar 2022:

    I absolutely LOVE this product! My skin looks and feels amazing. I have a very sensitive skin, so I’m very cautious about what I use of my face, but you can never go wrong with African Extracts’ products.

  3. Tracy – 20 Jan 2022:

    Great cleansing lotion ! After a hard days work it’s so tiring to be cleaning your face . I just apply and wipe off. And In minutes my skin is cleaned, refreshed. Not to mention the soothing effect on my sensitive skin. No dry tight feeling. I’m happy with this product.

  4. Nomfundo – 28 Jun 2021:

    In two days im seeing wonders ❤️ great awesome.. Lotion cleanser ever… Forward im going with you rooiboos! ❤️

  5. Dineo Phasha – 26 Mar 2021:

    Definitely helps me keep my sensitive skin beautiful and its very convenient plus leave my skin smooth. Anything with rooibos its a yes for me 😂

  6. Dineo Phasha – 26 Mar 2021:

    After long days at work. Its easy to forget to wash your face before bed, i would find small rash on myself because of all the dirt I slept with on my face. This cleanser has definitely help me keep my sensitive skin beautiful and its very convenient plus leave my skin smooth. Anything with rooibos its a yes for me 😂

  7. Cheryl -Lynn S. – 18 Oct 2020:

    Cleans well and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Light and non-greasy.

  8. Molly M. – 18 Oct 2020:

    I’ve been using their cleansing lotion, day and night cream for almost 10 years, its brilliant!

  9. Nadine J. – 18 Oct 2020:

    I love this range and the Cleansing Lotion is so great for my sensitive skin, I have had no reaction at all. It smells fresh and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.

  10. Shyleen F. – 18 Oct 2020:

    I’ve been using this brand for two months and the results are fabulous. This cleanser is very gentle and soothing.

  11. Magaba – 18 Oct 2020:

    I love this product! My face feels and looks so good 🙂

  12. Emma – 18 Oct 2020:

    This is my new favourite cleanser! I used to use the face wash daily, until I tried this creamy lotion. It is really gentle and soothes my skin, leaving it feeling super soft and hydrated afterwards. Now that I’m wearing less makeup I’m using this every day and my skin is loving it 🙂

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