Deep Cleansing Gel Face Wash


Size: 150ml

Use this spot control face wash twice a day for clean, clear skin. Gently cleans to remove impurities and sebum that can cause breakouts.

Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos with antioxidants, Baobab extract to help reduce oiliness and Salicylic Acid to clear breakouts and spots.

How to use

Mix a small amount of gel with water in your hands, and rub to produce a foaming lather. Massage foam into wet face and neck. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry.

Your daily skin care

Cleanse your skin every morning and evening. Follow with Purifying Toner and Moisturiser for best results. Use this product only as directed.

  • Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Deep Cleansing Gel Face Wash

  1. Apiwe – 25 Jun 2023:

    An amazing Cleanser I love how it gets my skin clean but does not completely leave my skin ripped of its natural moisture

  2. Vukona Mudabula – 3 Dec 2021:

    The spot controls face wash does it for me, left my skin so clear and fresh.

  3. Maggie – 8 Sep 2021:

    This spot control face wash is perfect for my oily skin. I used it together with the toner and Spot Treatment Cream, great combination.

  4. Melissa – 29 Jul 2021:

    As someone who suffers from eczema, I’ve tried many different brands of face wash and other skincare. This face wash is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts. I recommended this brand to my sister and she loves it as well.

  5. Sherell Beukes – 30 Mar 2021:

    What a great treatment that not only cleans out your pores , treats unwanted spots but also leaves your face feeling light and refreshed.

    What a treat it is! Highly recommended x

  6. C – 27 Mar 2021:

    After trying many face products to help with my oily, pimple-prone skin, I finally came across African Extracts which I absolutely love as their products are natural, animal cruelty-free and locally made. The purifying range does wonders for my skin! I use the face wash, 3 in 1 scrub as well as the dual action moisturizer from the purifying range, all of which leave my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, refreshed, smooth, shine and pimple free! None of these products dry out my skin only to leave it more oily than before like other products for oily skin have. I am so happy with these products and the results they give. Also, what’s even more amazing is how affordable these products are! No need to splurge on high end skincare to get incredible looking skin. I highly recommend African Extracts😊

  7. Mathapelo Lekalakala – 26 Mar 2021:

    It keeps my face shine and spot free. It has only been a week since I started using it but the results are visible. I have a healthy looking skin thanks to it. Out with the shine,in with the glow. Thank you African Extracts.

  8. Selinde – 26 Mar 2021:

    Wow this spot control face wash is perfect for oily skin!
    Love that it contains salicylic acid!

  9. Tintswalo – 9 Mar 2021:

    Ohh God I started using this products last week and already i am so satisfied, it does not over dry my skin and the acne is now drying out and the spots are now starting to go away.
    and the smell i like it. I recommend this product to everyone out there with acne and oily skin.

  10. Ashley – 20 Oct 2020:

    Keeps my face clean and smells amazing. Definitely recommend

  11. Ruth Helena – 20 Oct 2020:

    This product is truly amazing. Very effective for spot control. Cleanses the skin without leaving it dry and smells amazing. I’m on my second purchase and will continue buying as it’s excellent value for money.

  12. Sinovuyo – 20 Oct 2020:

    This face wash really does what it says, it thoroughly purifies my skin, leaving it feeling cleansed without it feeling dry.

  13. Amanda – 20 Oct 2020:

    Started using this product when my sister suggested it because she had used it, and I’m seeing such amazing results, the blemishes that were caused by chicken pox are vanished and my skin is so purified, an amazing product it is, I’d suggest it to anyone to try it, you’ll never regret

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