Hydrofirm-C+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum for Face and Eyes


Size: 30ml

This light-textured serum can be used in the morning and the evening for smoother, firming-looking skin, and under the eyes to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Bio-Active Rooibos extract and Vitamin E help counter the effects of free radicals
  • Olea Vitae, extracted from olive tree sprouts, works in harmony with skin lipids to help firm the skin and reduce the visible signs of wrinkles
  • Squalene from olives provides moisture and increases suppleness
  • Spilanthes Acmella flower extract helps smooth and tighten skin for a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  • Peptides help energise the skin, reduce signs of fatigue and boost radiance
  • Ceramides support lipids and help prevent moisture loss
  • Hyaluronic acid helps boosts moisture levels
  • Vitamin C helps fade age spots and even skin tone
Directions for use

Dispense a few drops and smooth onto face and neck, and under-eye area, before applying daily moisturiser or night cream. We recommend using with Advantage Creamy Cleanser and Misting Toner.

Dermatologically tested. Vegan. No added fragrance. Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.



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22 reviews for Hydrofirm-C+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum for Face and Eyes

  1. Nadine – 24 Feb 2022:

    The Anti-Wrinkle Serum for Face and Eyes in particular feels heavenly on my skin! It’s light in texture and you only need a few drops for use in the morning and evening. A little goes a long way with all African Extracts products.

  2. Valerie Pretorius – 26 Jan 2022:

    This serum is the best product ever, I used to drink so much water because I was told it would fade the dark rings under my eyes, well that never happened. I have been using this Africa Extracts Hydra-C anti aging serum for two weeks now and already I can see the difference. Thank you African Extracts for a wonderful range of products and. 😁

  3. Patricia Graham – 3 Dec 2021:

    I bought the serum and in two days my skin feels better! A great product!

  4. Yvonne, N – 10 Nov 2021:

    I only started using this serum few weeks ago but the results are already visible. I’m really loving the product 😍 😍

  5. Kajal – 17 Aug 2021:

    The anti-aging serum with hydrating hyalorunic acid is also light and easily absorbed. I use it before applying the creams morning and night.

  6. Desiree – 7 Jul 2021:

    What an amazing product! Works so well in combination with my hyaluronic acid serum. The combination is incredible at hydrating my skin.

  7. Hester – 21 Apr 2021:

    My skin now craves the Serum! Remarkable healing agents.

  8. Melanie – 21 Apr 2021:

    Very much enjoyed using the Serum. The results are amazing!

  9. Netacha – 21 Apr 2021:

    I use the Serum in the mornings to reduce dark marks and puffiness around the eye area – it works!

  10. Gladija – 21 Apr 2021:

    I have been applying the firming Serum under my eyes and the dark marks under my eyes have almost gone.

  11. Diane – 21 Apr 2021:

    This Serum tightens the skin, softens even my deep wrinkles. After a month they are hardly visible. Love it! Smooth as silk.

  12. Karin – 21 Apr 2021:

    Best product in the range. Love the texture and could see improvement, especially with my dark marks. Will continue to use this.

  13. Maureen – 21 Apr 2021:

    The first Serum I have been able to use on my extra sensitive skin (rosacea). Definitely firming and I see a difference on my neck.

  14. Louise – 21 Apr 2021:

    The Serum is amazing and just gives my skin that extra boost. I have eye bags as well as dark circles – there was a definite improvement all round since I started using the Serum twice a day. My skin is also less flaky as a result.

  15. Cornelia – 21 Apr 2021:

    I used it in the mornings. Definitely makes a difference with fine lines.

  16. Marilyn – 21 Apr 2021:

    I used the Serum in the morning for a whole week. I’m amazed at the change in my skin.

  17. Jasmine – 21 Apr 2021:

    This is magic in a bottle. Whatever is in this, it is pure gold to my skin.

  18. Juanita – 21 Apr 2021:

    I have been using the Serum under my eyes as suggested and it has definitely improved the dark area around my eyes. Awesome product. A little bit goes a long way. Improvement to my fine lines around eyes and mouth after 14 days.

  19. Maggie – 21 Apr 2021:

    When I saw my dark under-eye area start to fade in the first week I was shocked. Seven days was enough to see a change. My No. 1 product! The name says it all. Perfect!

  20. Sonja – 21 Apr 2021:

    Fine lines around my eyes are barely visible now.

  21. Louise – 21 Apr 2021:

    Being able to use the Serum morning and night, as well as around the eyes to reduce puffiness, was a gamechanger.

  22. Paola – 17 Apr 2021:

    Definite tightening of the skin – good feeling. Could see the noticeable difference in lines under the eyes within 14 days.

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