Night Cream


Size: 50ml

This advanced night cream provides intensive hydration and nourishment to maximise night-time skin renewal during the restful hours.


Instant hydration boost

24-hour moisturisation

Improved skin barrier function



Key ingredients

Bio-Active Rooibos – a natural source of powerful antioxidant protection.

2% Hyaluronic Acid – a water-capturing molecule for instant and long-lasting hydration.

Ceramides – to support the skin’s lipid structure and minimise moisture loss.

Resurrection leaf (Myrothamnus flabellifolius) extract – a desert plant breakthrough. discovery that promotes cellular repair and skin revitalisation.

Directions for use

Use at night after cleansing and toning to comfort, revitalise and restore moisture and suppleness. Rich, creamy texture, non-greasy and easily absorbed.

  • Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Night Cream

  1. Jenna M – 2 Jul 2021:

    Been there and tried it all, and this brand just constantly comes out tops! Did a little stock up recently and I have a happy face again, plump and fine line free.

  2. Paige – 21 Apr 2021:

    Just started using your Night Cream! Its amazing!

  3. Anelle Zondagh – 29 Mar 2021:

    I love the rich luxurious feel on my skin.

  4. Thobeka – 26 Mar 2021:

    I have been using this night cream for 2 months and my skin feels softer and radiant than ever. Totally inlove with it.

  5. Queen Phadu – 26 Mar 2021:

    I have a peaceful sleep knowing that my skin is moist up until the early hours of the morning, i can’t have enough of this product.

  6. Nadine S. – 17 Mar 2021:

    The best day care. I’m very impressed with the Advantage day and night creams. My skins feels and looks calm and happy. My favourite moisturiser out there!

  7. Sharon E. – 3 Feb 2021:

    Absolutely love it and all their advanced products – I have a sensitive skin that reacts very easily becoming inflammed. This cream together with the day cream has a lovely soothing effect. Added bonus that they have a gorgeous fragrance!

  8. Judy Orcutt – 10 Dec 2020:

    When I visited Cape Town, I realized that I had left my night cream at home. So I got some African Extracts Rooibus. and I have used it ever since. That was 5 years ago. I love the smell and the consistency of this wonderful product.

  9. Katie – 20 Oct 2020:

    I bought the mini travel kit for my Mom so she could trial the Advantage range and she loves it! She used to spend a lot of money on her skin care and I thought this could be a nice affordable alternative range for her. I already use the Classic range so I know the brand is good quality. She has since bought the full-size products as well as the night cream, which she really enjoys because it is rich enough to properly moisturise her skin throughout the night. She loves the scent of the range and she says her skin is feeling very healthy after using it. Thanks for the great quality products we both love!

  10. Vanessa L. – 20 Oct 2020:

    Very affordable, I love the Advantage range and the day and night creams are very moisturising. The products really do what they promise to do and they are something I cannot go without! I love that they are anti-cruelty.

  11. Lizelle van A. – 20 Oct 2020:

    Face and neck feels firmer, moisturised and healthier.

  12. Sheilagh C. – 20 Oct 2020:

    A lovely, light, non greasy cream, which is easily absorbed by my skin. I don’t need to use much and I can notice a visible difference! Highly recommend this cream!

  13. Jasmine P. – 20 Oct 2020:

    I absolutely love the feel of the Night Cream! My skin feels beautiful and soft.

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