Deep Cleansing Wipes


For oily skin and spot control

25 wipes

Reduce oil and help clear and prevent spots and pimples, as you cleanse and remove makeup. With Bio-Active Rooibos, rich in antioxidants, soothing Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Wheatgerm extracts, Vitamin B5 and salicylic acid to leave skin soft and shine free.

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2 reviews for Deep Cleansing Wipes

  1. Lynne R – 26 Mar 2021:

    Can NOT live without these wipes!!!!!
    Removing make up has never been easier and the smell of wipe leaves face refreshed and glowing!!!
    This is a MUST have for every woman out there!!!

  2. Andrea – 20 Apr 2020:

    Amazing results!

    After doing a full face of heavy make-up, I used the Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes to take it off. One make-up wipe was enough to remove everything, leaving my face looking incredibly fresh, clean and healthy! I could not believe how well it worked. I am so incredibly impressed!

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