Glycerine soaps


Size: 100g

Glycerine soaps with Bio-Active Rooibos extract soothe and nourish your skin, without stripping natural moisture. Choose from classic glycerine or with a natural loofah.


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3 reviews for Glycerine soaps

  1. Lucinda Bouwer – 7 Apr 2024:

    This is an awsome soap try it out i recommend it to everyone

  2. A Enslin – 22 Jul 2021:

    Years ago I got an African Extracts handcream from my brother… I was so impressed that I also tried the Glycerine soap. Since then, it’s the only soap I used. I absolutely love the smell and silky feeling !!

  3. Jade Maggott – 13 Dec 2020:

    I use rooibos soap and it’s amazing, have tried other products out but it dried my skin out.

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